weekly update

Rob and Jacky Black
Wed 4 Feb 2009 12:47

4th February  2009

I am late in writing this as we have not been up to much since the last entry apart from avoiding the rain!

It has been really very stormy here with winds of 50+ knots last weekend and torrential rain too.

We have managed to keep up the swimming 3 times a week but I have lapsed on the gym front as each time I go I seem to strain a muscle in my right leg. (well that’s my excuse anyway!)

We have met with friends and been out for supper a couple of times; much of the discussion right now is about passage planning for the coming season and where boats are going for next winter. We have been able to acquire some charts of the Turkish and Greek areas we plan to visit later in the year from a chap who is making his way back to Scotland and no longer needs them.

In addition I have been busy making chutney and marmalade with the incredibly cheap local produce! The pressure cooker has come into its own here. A friend has made lemon curd so we have done a swap on the produce. I have also got plans to make some hatch covers to protect the glass from the UV rays. Another friend has some spare material so when I get a dry period I will be measuring up and getting cracking on these.

That’s it for now folks.

I will write the next report when we get back from our trip to Granada.

Jacky and Rob