Alanya and the UK

Rob and Jacky Black
Mon 13 Sep 2010 15:21
Alanya 36 33.5N 31 56.9E
29th  July -  6th September
We had an uneventful return trip to Alanya - overnight, rather longer than anticipated due to a head wind for the last 6 hours!
(Isn't it always the way?)
The next few days were spent sorting out mundane things like washing and Jacky deciding what to take home (weight limit permitting).
Needless to say the pool at the marina was also put to good use in the afternoons when it was too hot to do jobs!
Departure day arrived and the transfer company duly collected Jacky from the marina (albeit an hour late!) the rest of the journey went smoothly
and Robbie (our son) collected Jacky from Gatwick at 00130.
Meanwhile Rob stayed on in Turkey and did manage some single handed sailing back to the Kekova and Kas area when it got just too hot to stay in Alanya.
Jacky was kept busy in England catching up with family and friends as well as attending the BIG Wedding in London which was fantastic despite it being a rather grey
and damp day.
The master bedroom was duly re-painted and the garden knocked into shape after a fashion but with the drought of the earlier summer months unfortunately several shrubs
seem to have been lost. We shall have to see what happens in the autumn as to whether they will recover.
Back in Turkey Rob succumbed to the heat and purchased a free standing air conditioning unit which has proved to be marvelous (but only able to be used when we are in port
with electricity supplied!)
Once Jacky returned the boat was stocked up with some extended cruising in mind and we left Alanya to head north west for our autumn cruise of Turkish bays we had missed in the
EMYR and also hopefully some new Greek Islands.