Berties Birthday

Rob and Jacky Black
Wed 1 Jul 2009 07:13
41 01.9N 09 32.4E
We anchored in the bay and took the dinghy to the marina to have a look
round and see if there was somewhere suitable for dinner the following night
and decided it would be fine. returned to the boat to find we had dragged
the anchor so moved to another bay to the east of the marina for the night.
25th June
Gerry had a pre breakfast swim, then we had champagne and bacon and eggs
while Bert opened his presents. Later we took the dinghy to the beach and
spent a couple of hours swimming and snorkelling over the rocky outcrop to
the east of the sandy bay. Saw a number of different fish types and lot of
sea urchins in amongst the rocky crevices. We had decided to go to the
marina for the night to enable us to get 'dressed-up' for dinner so we
up-anchored and motored the two miles to Portisco. It is a lovely marina -
fairly new and very expensive - 80 euros per night for us. However we had a
very pleasant stay, we were able to use all the facilities and had a
delicious meal in a restaurant over looking the marina - very nuevo cuisine.
On the way back to the boat we all had an ice-cream - the italiens do know
how to make this! It was almost unreal wandering along with a new moon, a
beautiful starry sky and past numerous huge super yachts and motor cruisers
moored almost next to us we were certainly dwarfed!
26th June
After a leisurely start we headed north and had probably the best sail of
the year up to Isola Maddalena our next port of call. We clocked 7 knots at
times and even had to reef the main as the wind freshened.
We only had to motor for the last few miles to get through the Bisce channel
as the wind was dead on the nose. We duly moored in Cala Gavetta but this
time we were on a pontoon not the town quay which proved to be much cleaner
and quieter. Had a brief walk round and then a late lunch followed by a
siesta. Later we took the bus on a scenic trip around the east and north
coast of the island, and were able to see some of the spectacular bays which
are protected from anchoring as well as the south coast of Corsica which is
only about 15 miles away.
27th June
We decided to stay for another day in Maddalena so we could explore more
thoroughly and just chill again. Did a market shop for some local fresh
produce and generally wandered around the place poping into some of the
small shops selling hams, salamis,cheeses and olives as well as the local
flat bread prevelent here in Sardinia.