Cala D'Or

Rob and Jacky Black
Thu 28 May 2009 10:16

39 22.0N 03 13.7E

24th May

At Anchor in Cala Longa

We had an unplanned for extra early start this morning when I woke up to the sound of an anchor chain rubbing on our boat. I shot out of bed as did Rob and we found our boat about to be ‘T-boned’ by the pulpit of another anchored yacht. With the help of the engine and the bow-thruster we managed to avoid any damage and were soon free and motoring slow ahead out of Puerto Andratx. It was a bit misty and there was not much wind but we decided to hoist the main anyway. We had a very uneventful motor along the coast which at first was quite rocky with high headlands mostly shrouded in a morning mist. We saw few boats in this sector of our journey but after rounding Punta de Cala Figuera to cross the bay of Palma we probably saw more yachts and ‘gin palaces’ than we have seen since the Solent! We saw nothing of the bay as we were well off the land and it was really quite misty – so much so that we had to put the radar on. We were making good progress and so decided not to stop as planned at Puerto de  Sant Jordi and we pressed on all the way to Cala D’Or dropping the anchor in Cala Longa just before the entrance to the Marina.

We decided to try a stern anchor to hold us into the swell so hope this will work and not get tangled round the rudder! I had a swim to try and follow the anchor chain but the visibility was poor so lost sight after about 10 metres. The beach here was crowded and we had a host of spectators watching as we anchored, plus a few swimmers later who came out to inspect the British yacht! We are all set now to meet up with my sister Norma who arrives at her Villa tonight – we are about 800 metres from the back gate!

We are hoping to get some shopping done as well as borrow the washing machine facilities  at the Villa to catch up on a large bedding wash! In addition Norma has brought out the new diode splitter device that we need to fit to enable power to be directed to the house batteries from the alternator. It will be a major relief to get this problem sorted!

Planning to move to Porto Colom after here.


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