Rob and Jacky Black
Wed 24 Jul 2013 08:36

44 34.3 N  14 24.6 E

Artatura Bay Losinj Island

Tuesday 23rd July

This is a lovely deep bay with several smaller coves off it. The shoreline is tree lined and has flattish rocks that lead down to the water’s edge. It is very popular with nude sunbathers! We anchored in 8 metres off the northeast side – beautiful clear water and loads of fish and sea cucumbers to be seen. We enjoyed our stay here although there were a number of wasps around so we deployed the huge net we have which covered the whole cockpit to protect us from both the wasps and any mosquitos that may have been lurking! It caused quite a lot of interest from passing tenders and small rent boats as they passed by! The following morning we were up early and off to Cres