Rob and Jacky Black
Sun 22 May 2011 08:41
40 23.75 N 27 47.30 E Thursday 19th - Sunday 22nd May
Having been advised by our friends that Karabiga and Kemer (both possible ports to stop on the south coast of the Sea of Marmara) en route to Erdek were not good
we pressed on the whole way and were pleased to get into the bustling harbour complete with trip boats, fishing boats, floating restaurants and a resident pelican. Having eventually got
anchored and tied off stern to the quay along side several other boats we were able to greet June and Steve again and arrange plans for the next few days. The town is a Turkish tourist destination
and they certainly are not used to having many foreigners - plenty of tea shops, cafes and fast food (Turkish style) outlets, plus a plethora of DIY, clothes shops, butchers, bakers and small supermarkets
including Bim, Dia and a large Migros ( a good 20 minute walk out of town past the otogar) etc! We enjoyed our stay here Jacky and June took the local bus to Banderma to investigate this
large Port of Entry/ Exit but decided it wasn't a good place to go in a boat the harbour was huge with facilities for ships not yachts! It was a national holiday over the weekend so Erdek was busy with day trippers
and plenty of trade was being done in all the water-front cafes.
We had one potentially unpleasant incident on Friday early evening when a Turkish man stood at the back of our boat and started to accuse us of
polluting the harbour as we were running our engine to get some hot water. This was totally ridiculous as the harbour was awash with floating debris, plastic bags, jelly fish, empty bottles and oil etc from the fishing boats
and careless passers-by. Soon a crowd of men were there all talking rather animatedly to us and the first guy took photographs of our exhaust! he then made a phone call and soon a white car arrived with two more chaps
who started taking notes of everything. meanwhile another man came off his motor boat and began to try and calm down the first group - he was dismissed but did stay in the back ground and spoke to Rob;
eventually everything seemed to calm down. We heard nothing further!
We went out for a lovely meal on Saturday evening to a proper restaurant that Steve had found and enjoyed delicious fresh griddled fish.
Today we are heading for a quiet spot on the island of Pasalimani ( about 12 miles N.W of Erdek) where we hope to enjoy a BBQ and some peaceful exploring.