Port Lagos

Rob and Jacky Black
Mon 27 Jun 2011 10:50
41 50.3 N 25 07.2 E
Port Lagos
We found a suitable spot alongside the concrete quay in this rather strange harbour. The pilot book showed possible spaces at the head of the harbour
but this was pretty full of medium sized fishing boats and most seemed to have lazy lines laid so we didn't fancy risking our anchor in amongst that lot!
The village was very small with just a couple of tavernas and mini markets but none-the-less people were friendly and there was a good wifi bar where Jacky took the computer
(to use their electricity) as the reception in the cabin was hopeless - probably due to the high jetty wall blocking any signal. The port Police asked us to check in which we duly did
only to find a 'new' officer in charge who didn't know the procedures - so 2 hours later after filling in all manner of different forms we finally left having paid for 2 nights at around 5 Euros per night.
The 'waste' form was a new one on us though Rob has seen them when on his ship -as they have to fill them in at every port. It was all to do with what waste you had discharged and where
and also had questions about waste bilge, black water etc. All of which we said was not relevant to 'Pleasure' yachts  and therefore left blank. We did estimate the amount of garbage we had landed and where
but that was all. They also asked for a Fire prevention certificate which we have never been asked for before - so told them we didn't have one!
We went for a walk around the bird sanctuary area of woodland - there are rare owls and night herons that roost here and also egrets. It was an attractive spot BUT there were loads of mosquitoes so we had to deploy
our cockpit netting to prevent them getting us over night.
We were joined on our second night by a small French yacht with whom we exchanged pilotage information and while Jacky was on board their boat she was bitten by the mossies about 10 times all around her ankles and feet!!
Next stop will be Keramotis the ferry harbour close to Thasos.