Lavrion and Poros Town

Rob and Jacky Black
Sat 3 Sep 2011 15:06
37 30.1 N 23 27.2 E
Thursday 1st and Friday 2nd September
We had a quick motor sail down the coast from Port Rafti to Lavrion and on arrival at the big harbour we managed to get a place on the
quay that is used by Olympic Yachting a charter outfit. This proved to be OK with power and water available at 5 Euros per facility - we opted for just power.
A quick visit to the port police revealed a hidden cost - 22 Euros port charge - the most we have paid in Greece! It was market day so Jacky headed off to get a
top up on the fruit and vegetable front as well as a trip to the large supermarket for some other necessary supplies. We were very pleased to meet up with Richard and Karen on board Pyxis who arrived in the late afternoon.
They came round later for drinks and a catch up chat so it was good to hear their news. sadly they are heading west rather quickly to get the boat to Messalonghi and get back to the UK due to family issue at home so we will not be seeing them again this year.
The quay was very noisy over night with bars blaring loud music until 0400 and then the teenagers sitting around after being thrown out chatting and singing. Of course Jacky with her ear-plugs was fine but poor Rob
had little sleep! We left early and headed for Poros where we had good reports of the town etc. The route took us passed the southern end of the Athens peninsula where there
is a spectacular Greek Temple on the cliff top so we managed a good few photographs of this taken in the early morning sunshine. The wind picked up well and we had one of the best
sails all season - full genoa and main sail on a fetch which at times saw us creaming along at over 7 knots. The sun was shinning and the sea was fairly calm so it was just fabulous!
However good things don't last and by 1200 the wind had died and we had to motor the last couple of hours. We took the southern rout into Poros and motored slowly passed the various options
for tying up. We decided on the north quay as there seemed to be lazy lines here and it was quiet where as the other quays had been very busy and right next to the road too.
We backed onto the quay and collected a lazy line (it turned out that mostly these were de-funked but the one we chose was fine!) and we were soon secured nicely. There is a
board walk here covering the original rubble strewn quay so no dangers of grounding the rudder. In addition there is another floating pontoon at right angles to the quay which is not shown on the chart
in Heikell's book where you can anchor and tie back on either side. Despite there being power and water points along the quay none were working so we managed with out. However on investigating we
found out that the south quay has both and the mooring is charged at 12 Euros which includes the services. We will probably go back there later in the week before heading south so will try for a place there next time.
The down side of our position was the car ferry  running from 0600 until late every 15 minutes and large twice daily Hellenic Seaway ferry - the wash created by these vessels was
not good and we had to stay well pulled off the quay and keep the passarelle very high to avoid damaging it.
Despite all of this we did like Poros and the shops and feel to the place was good. There are two chandlers - we bought a fair bit of stuff from the one in the centre of town including a new solar anchor light which
is now in pride of place having replaced the garden solar light we have been using since Portugal! Jacky also visited the further one (mentioned in Heikell) which is at the far end of the south quay to make enquiries about
their yard and the buoys in the bay off it. It could be a possible place to leave the boat for next summer when we return to the UK for the Olympics but no prices available until after the end of this month.
There were several UK flagged yachts on the pontoon in the north harbour so we had a chat to the owners and exchanged some books and cruising information. It was a reasonably quiet night once the ferry had stopped running
but we were ready for some peace and quiet, so having got the shopping we headed off all of 2 miles to a secluded bay at the north end of the Poros channel where we are now at anchor. Swimming and reading for a few hours
and just chilling out!