position update

Rob and Jacky Black
Tue 7 Jun 2011 10:58
40 32.3 N 27 30.7 E
Avsa Adasi  4th - 7th June
The setting for this un-finished marina is lovely as it nestles in the lee of a small bay with another island due west and a wooded hillside to the north.
We were soon tied up along side one of the long quays where there were plenty of rings and a couple of large bollards. Both sides of the harbour have space for tying up
and apart from a few very small fishing boats near the slipway and on the hard  the place was deserted!
We spent a very peaceful couple of days re-charging the batteries and enjoying the lovely setting. Jacky did some water colour painting having collected some unusual wild flowers
when walked into the village. There were some small clean and sandy beaches scattered along the western side of this island to the south of the marina and we saw a few folk
enjoying a swim -it is obviously a holiday destination for Turkish people. We enjoyed our fresh fish for tea on our first night.
We had planned to leave on Monday but the wind blew strongly all night and was still pretty strong so we decided to stay another day.