Up date

Rob and Jacky Black
Wed 1 Oct 2008 12:27

37:11.65N 007:24.75W

Wednesday 1st of October

Vila Real de St. Antonio

Having motored down the river on Sunday in torrential rain we anchored off VRST to await sufficient rise of tide to exit the river mouth. However we changed our plans as the weather was pretty miserable – torrents of water with visibility very reduced and strong gusting winds! In a lull we took refuge in the marina and we are still here though leave this afternoon once our visitors have caught the bus to Faro. The weather has now picked up and Robbie and Sean took the bikes yesterday to the nearest beach resort –Monte Gordo – where they enjoyed a swim and lunch at a beach cafe. We had a belated birthday supper at the marina’s restaurant which was very good indeed. Rob and I found a Lidle supermarket this morning and although they did not have what I wanted (couscous) we did get some additions to the boat supplies!

We are heading for El Rompido next.

Jacky and Rob