Faro- the journey continues

Rob and Jacky Black
Sat 2 Aug 2008 11:37

37: 01.2N 07 07:49.5W

Left Lagos after collecting Gail, Nigel and Jack who arrived on the 25th July. Had a very pleasant sail under Jib all the way to Faro, we were going slow enough to fish and 3 small mackerel were duly caught by Jack – our first success on the fishing front since our departure!

Anchored off the sand dunes to the south of Olhao along with about 10 other boats. Very quiet and sheltered spot and some of the boats have been here for years! Got chatting to the owners of a 107 year old Folkestone Fishing smack who have spent 4 years here. They have a makeshift camp on the beach between some sand-dunes and collect flotsam to augment their materials – polystyrene box to put their plates etc on, drift wood for their BBQ, bamboo canes to prop up an awning!!

We spent two nights here and had a very nice BBQ on the beach along with plenty of swimming and snorkelling. Loads of small fish in the shallows and larger ones further out judging by the numerous small open fishing boats that drifted around early in the morning and around dusk.

Heading for the River Guadiana next.

Rob and Jacky