Rally Portugal day 3

Rob and Jacky Black
Tue 3 Jun 2008 12:56

45.54’N 008’ 36W

Now sailing in lovely sunshine after a windy and sometimes wet night. We had an excellent geography weather lesson at dusk with a line of squall clouds approaching rapidly from the west. We took in two reefs in the main and shortened the headsail down to one  third. The wind duly arrived and the boat responded well with speeds of 9 knots recorded in the night. Saw several small coastal ships, fishing boats and some yacht tricolours too. We found out this morning that Sea Lion was close astern of us during the early part of the night. We had the company of two small porpoises playing round the hull at 0945, but since then we have had the sea to ourselves with no ships, yachts or visible marine life!

We ate lunch in the cockpit and celebrated reaching half-way with a bottle of bubbly!

Jacky and Rob Black