position update

Rob and Jacky Black
Tue 24 May 2011 18:11
41 04.3 N 28 14.4 E
SILIVRE Tuesday 23rd May
We left our anchorage at 0545 and headed north to pass through the small islands before closing the coast of Marmara and heading NE.
The sun came up and dispelled the mist and the wind held steady around 8 knots for the first couple of hours which made for a fairly quick passage
motor-sailing into the wind waves left from the previous night. The passage across the shipping lanes went fine with just one alteration of course required to avoid a small coaster.
The lanes are very busy and especially the east going one today - two cruise ships at least 5 cargo vessels and a huge 'block of flats' car carrier all in about 1 hour - thank goodness they all past behind us!
The wind did get up as forecast in the early afternoon and we had a good F5 from the NNE as we arrived here in Silivre. The landscape here is lower than further south with rolling hills and large
coastal towns - you could almost be in the UK! The port here was full of fishing boats and moorings where we had hoped to tie up so we attempted to anchor twice but dragged both times the anchor coming up covered in sea-weed.
We were fortunate that just as we thought we would have to go else where two fishermen arrived on the large deserted fishing boat that we had thought might prove a likely alongside berth.-
they took our lines and we were soon all fast in the lee of this abandoned hulk. We later scrambled across it and took a walk around the town. Quite big with the usual water-front promenade and associated
tea bars and some new fish restaurants where there are large displays of fresh fish to buy and then these are cooked to order by the staff.
Leaving early tomorrow for Istanbul.