Rob and Jacky Black
Mon 2 Sep 2013 12:29
42 45.8 N 16 48.7 E
Lastovo 2nd September
We motored all the way to Lastovo a small but delightful island to the west of Korkula where we were going to check out of Croatia. We found the island to be really lovely – very green with gentle wooded slopes running down to tiny bays. Unfortunately we didn’t have much time to explore as the plan was to check out and leave for an overnight crossing to Vieste in Italy in order to beat a rather unfavourable weather system that was due to arrive the following day. We duly moored alongside the quay beside the Harbour Master’s office and after speaking to a very helpful lady in the Park office (The island is now designated as a National Park) who kindly phoned one of the Harbour officers (it was lunch time) we were soon checked out! Then it was another call to the local Police/customs and again a very friendly lady officer arrived and we cleared out of Croatia – it took about 20 minutes! We went for a short walk along the road out of the village of Ulib and had a snack and sampled some of the local wine which we had been recommended to try. We bought 2 bottles as it was very good. The we left the quay and motored some 2 miles across the bay to another small secluded bay where we were able to tie up alongside a disused quay opposite the old cement works. There was plenty of depth here – 4 metres and wonderfully clear water for a last swim! We had a few hours’ sleep and then left at 1930 for Italy.