Port della Taverna

Rob and Jacky Black
Fri 12 Jun 2015 15:36

40 51.3 N 09 40.0 E

Having had an early swim we set off to head around the coastline towards Olbia to seek another anchorage mentioned in the pilot book.On arrival we first went to the main bay with a long sandy beach where there were supposed to be some mooring buoys. There were none and the swell was evident here so we made our way to the south east to a smaller bay which was just perfect. We dropped the anchor in 5 m. over sand - crystal clear water, turquoise blue. The setting was delightful - a small sandy beach and rocky headlands with the odd sandy cove. The hill sides had some beautiful villas with extensive gardens, some had their own launching slipways and tiny private beaches. Most were still closed up as yet, although it was evident from the sound of strimmers and such that the local gardeners were preparing for the arrival of occupants soon.

We spent 2 nights at anchor here and had no issues with swell despite some strong afternoon winds from the SE.  Jacky had several swims and we even had the mobile ice cream boat call by and enjoyed an afternoon Magnum!

The forecast for Thursday indicated much stronger winds so we decided to head for the marina at Olbia early that morning.