Kerkova Roads

Rob and Jacky Black
Wed 19 May 2010 05:58
36 11.7N 29 50.8E
Kekova Roads and Ucagiz 16th - 18th May
We left the marina in Gocek at 0430 and motored in no wind for several hours. However the wind did fill in and we had
our first raising of the 'cruising chute' for nearly two years! The adapted snuffer bag worked well and we had no problems
raising or lowering the sail. Unfortunately our course took us dead down wind so the sail was stowed and we finished our passage
with the white sails. The coast line was dotted with islands and indentations - certainly looked very interesting and we plan to return
here next season to explore more thoroughly. Our entry through the rocky approach and tiny islands went fine and we were directed by
Dave on Mashona to a spot on the newly completed town pontoon along side several other rally boats. The scenery and small town were
delightful almost a step back in time with old buildings narrow streets and alleyways leading to steps up a gentle hill where further small
dwellings and shops could be found. Along the water front were the usual collection of restaurants/cafes all vying for one's custom. To the
eastern end on a small hill were ruins of ancient Teimiussa, and further round the bay at Kale Koy was the remains of a Crusader Fort with many
even older Sarcophagi dotted around the hill tops - still standing after some 2000 years. We didn't go on the boat trip to the sunken city as we plan to
return to this wonderful area next year and go on our own.
We enjoyed a good meal at the Kekova pension on the first night and the following evening had a great party in the square with a live band and local
wine and beer before heading for another meal this time at Ibrahim's as recommended by some British folk we met earlier in the day. In fact we had
two couples stop to chat to us while we were on the pontoon - Christine and Michael were particularly interested in the EMYR and so came on board
for coffee and we were able to give them some information about our experiences so far. We have promised to keep in touch and pass on any 'tips' once
we complete the trip.We were sad to leave this wonderful quiet place but our next destination - Finnike was on the schedule.