Bosava and Dumboka revisited

Rob and Jacky Black
Sat 10 Aug 2013 08:15

44 08.3 N 14 54.4 E

Bozava Quay 8th – 11th August

We left the mooring buoy early having paid our dues ( 130K)for another night and motored to Bozava a small village on the island of Dugi Otok. WE had seen this from our previous stay in Dumboka in July. Despite arriving before 1200 the inner harbour spaces were full and we were lucky to get a space on the eastern quay next to the ferry berth. There were mooring lines and water and electricity and a very helpful young man to assist us with getting berthed. (324K per night) There is some rubble at the southern end of this quay and we were a bit concerned that the depth for us would not be enough however we were able to move further north as a small yacht left and so all was well. This is a busy little resort village with holiday homes and rooms to let plus one main hotel. It is set in a deep bay with a densely wooded promontory leading south and east which gives good shelter from the prevailing winds to the harbour and quay. There are 2 small supermarkets and a post office plus several restaurants and bars. The wooded headland has a nice walk and several lovely places to stop for a swim where the rocks form platforms for sitting on and give easy access to the water. Right next to the ferry jetty was a natural swimming area where the rocks were in almost horizontal layers providing safe and easy access for swimming – the water was so clear and clean I even went off the back of the boat occasionally!

Margaret and Tony on China Blue had been anchored quite near to us and after a call on the VHF they decided to join us on the quay securing the last place. They always moor bow in so were able to go in the area where the rubble extends out from the quay. We had a very pleasant 3 nights here and enjoyed eating out together and drinks on board and generally socialising! The weather forecast was for some strong winds even a possible Bora so we stayed put with extra lines out. However the wind did not really get up very much around 25 knots from the west one day, but it died down at night. We left to go to Dumboka on Sunday (just a couple of miles to the south)and spent another 2 nights there enjoying the peace and quiet as well as catching up with our new friends Mara and Vince whom we had met 3 weeks previously. Maria was suffering from an itchy allergic rash on her face so Jacky gave her some antihistamine tablets which helped her a great deal. The following day Maria gave us a small bottle – (hand decorated) of homemade plum schnapps as a thank you gift! We called the marina at Preko on Monday to say we wanted to come over the following day and were informed they were full! It was suggested we went as soon as we could on Tuesday morning and they would try to find us a space. Failing that we could berth on the outside of the outer wall to collect our packages they were keeping for us.