Final thoughts for 2010

Rob and Jacky Black
Thu 2 Dec 2010 13:11
36 33.5N 31 56.9E
Following our repairs completed in Kenova we headed east again with a visit to one of our favourite bays for a final overnight anchorage
and some sea swimming. We then made for Antalya (the regional capital) where we spent two nights in the new marina. This enabled us
to make a visit to the old city which has some charming alleys and old buildings as well as Roman arches and walls to be seen.
We also went to the museum where many of the marvelous artifacts from the region are housed - the most spectacular being the numerous
statues taken from the Roman sites of Perge, Side and Aspendos. The weather continued to be quite unsettled with thunderstorms and rain
so being in the marina had its compensations despite the high cost!
We returned to Alanya and were pleased to meet up again with our many friends who are based at this marina. the winter programme of activities
was being set up and we were soon involved in some of these. We had a great Halloween party and the usual Sunday cricket was on with Rob captaining the 'England'
team who beat the visitors - Australia!
In between the fun and socializing we busied ourselves with a long list of 'jobs' to get the boat ready for her winter lay-up. We had a massive thunderstorm one night and unfortunately
several boats had some damage.One - our good friends on Yoko received a direct hit and as a result they have major electronic failure. We were only 50 metres from them but thank
goodness went unscathed. Our lift out went smoothly and apart from the 'meadow' of coral weed on the hull all was well and the boat is now chocked up for the winter. We had an invitation to
visit friends in Yalikavak (near Bodrum) so decided to take this up for a few days. We managed to get an overnight coach to Bodrum and were met by Hugo and Marlene (owners of Yoko) at 0700
whose home we would stay in for a few days. We had a whistle-stop tour of the area before heading for their villa set on a hillside overlooking the bay of Yalikavak. We were surprised at the difference in temperatures
here - at least 6 degrees lower than in Alanya - we were glad to have taken some jumpers to wear.
Later we met up with our other friends Wendy and Bryan (Future Options) and proceeded to spend a super few days being wined and dined by both sets of friends. We had a major panic on Friday when we discovered to our horror we couldn't get any seats on the bus back to Alanya (it was a national holiday weekend and everything was booked!). Finally we were able to buy the last two seats on the overnight bus on Sunday 14th of November - cutting it a bit fine for our flight home on the 16th! Our last 24 hours in Alanya were spent in a flurry of activity with packing, de-frosting and cleaning the fridge and freezer and generally cleaning the boat for our 4 month time away.
Returning to the UK  was lovely despite the cold and we have enjoyed catching up with family and friends. Today we are snowed in as we had 6 inches of the white stuff fall overnight - a bit of a contrast to Alanya!
We will not be writing this blog now until the spring - thanks to those who have been reading it - we hope to see you while we are at home.