Vinisce Bay

Rob and Jacky Black
Mon 1 Jul 2013 11:48

43 29.2 N 16 06.7 E

Vinisce Bay near Trogir


We left the marina around 0900 having been to the bakery for bread. We went straight to the fuel berth at the ACI marina opposite the old town of Trogir. There was another yacht in line waiting so we took about 40 minutes there and then set off for our anchorage in Vinisce Bay about 5 miles to the west. We had left the rescued dinghy (with a notice attached) in the marina at Seget. It is really amazing that no-one has reported it missing and no-one seems interested in it – in the UK it would sell for at least £100 or more! We motored to Vinisce and were soon anchored in 3.9m at the north end of the bayin the company of about 8 other yachts. There was certainly plenty of room. We had a problem getting the engine to stop and Jacky eventually called our friendly engineer  Graham in the UK for advice. In the meantime David from Alyssa swam across from his boat and helped us to locate the solenoid which was how we stopped it. However then it wouldn’t re-start! We really thought we would have to get an engineer out as we couldn’t find the fuse that connects to the starter motor.(The electrics on the boat are a mystery to us I am afraid). But as always it turned out to be the simplest thing – the main fuse switch near to the batteries was off! It must have been knocked when Rob was turning the freezer back to 12 volt mode when we disconnected from the shore power at Seget marina. Phew what a relief!

We had a relaxing time at this anchorage and welcomed David and Ann Lovejoy (CA members) for drinks in the evening – we had Pimms as it is Wimbledon fortnight in the UK!! We left early the following morning to head for Sibinic.