Ormos Vidhi and Ermioni

Rob and Jacky Black
Sun 11 Sep 2011 05:20
37 23.2 N 23 15.1 E
Saturday 3rd - Wednesday 7th September
Ormos Vidhi
This is a large bay on the mainland to the NW of Poros - it has two bites and we were in the most easterly one. The Water Boats moor up
in this bay when they are not in use. We had been given the location 2 years ago by our friends Mike and Marie from Athens and the bay certainly proved to be lovely
with clear water, good holding and a very peaceful setting. We stayed for 2 nights here just relaxing and swimming and watching the the world go by! There were a couple of largish
motor boats with their 'boy's toys' but fortunately no water bikes, just wind surfers, wave canoes etc.
We had a short motor sail down the coats to Ermioni passing Spetsai on our port side the breeze picked up from the SE as the day progressed and we ended up with about a F5 on the nose before
we reached the anchorage in Ermioni -here the bay is sheltered and we found a good spot to drop the hook. Later we took the dinghy ashore to sus out the town and had a look at the quay but decided
against moving inside - it was busy and noisy. We did buy a few supplies before returning to the boat for an early night. On Tuesday we went ashore and walked across the top of the town to the quay on the west
side and found this to be much quieter with only one boat making use of it. We were searching for a restaurant that had been recommended by a chap on Samothraki - this we duly found and ate a very good lunch
sitting on their terrace looking out over the sea westwards towards the coast of the Peloponnisos.We returned via the shops and bought some meat from probably the best butcher shop we have seen in Greece and then some fresh fruit and vegetables.
Plan for Wednesday is to head up into the Argolikas Gulf with visits to Porto Kheli, Ormos Koiladhia and Navplion.