Rob and Jacky Black
Fri 24 Apr 2015 19:55

38 13.1 N 15 14.6 E

Marina de la Nettuna Milazzo

What a rough day we had getting to Milazzo! The weather forecast did not show what we experienced! Having decided to head north and make a long journey while the wind was southerly we left Riposta at 0600 in sunshine and with a light northerly wind. The wind continued to be light but gradually veered to the south east as per the forecast and the skies darkened ominously. By the time we were passing Messina we had a force 6 with an uncomfortable rolling swell on the starboard beam. Fortunately we still had the current with us (yes here you have to start taking into account tide times from Gibraltar to get the currents right for passing through the straights!!) so we did make good time but we were still buffeted about and had a very windy close hauled sail once round the north end of the straights as we headed west to Milazzo. Gusts in excess of 35 knots at times - but thankfully the seas were much flatter here as we were close to the coast all the way. By the time we made it to the marina it was flat calm and the sun was shining! We had long since dispensed with our thick layers - earlier my oil skin jacket came out of the cupboard for the first time in several years! 

The Marina at Milazzo was pleasant and the staff helpful we didn't explore the town - just a quick walk to get fresh bread in the morning before leaving.