Northern Evia Channel

Rob and Jacky Black
Wed 31 Aug 2011 09:12
38 45.7 N  23 19.4 E
Thursday 18th - Sunday 21st August
We left Orei on Thursday having had a very good supper at a local taverna with our Greek Canadian friends
Dimitri and Elli the previous evening. We motor-sailed to an anchorage just south of the north west tip of the island
and had a reasonable night at anchor apart from a disco which stared around 0000 and was still going at 0400! This in an
almost deserted bay with a couple of houses in it - goodness knows where the people came from to attend it.
The following morning after a pre-breakfast swim we headed south down the Evia channel for Limni a small harbour that had been
recommended. En route we heard Gale warnings broadcast on the VHF for sea areas to the east of us, so were not surprised to get strong winds
and gusts. However we flew the full genoa and powered along with fairly flat seas. On arrival at the harbour we decided it was too windy to reverse in and
also it looked very full-up. The couple on the yacht just inside the harbour wall waved to us to go on the outside of it so we did. There were cleats and bollards so tying up
was easy and we were being blown off the wall rather than onto it which made it safer from our point of view.
We had to take into account the rise and fall of tide which is around 2 feet at the moment strange
to be doing this here - the first time for years as there just isn't much tide in this part of the world.
We had a walk around the town which was larger than expected and had quaint alleyways with some very old buildings with tiny balconies hanging over the lanes. Not
unlike the town of Skopolos. There are tavernas a plenty on the water front and shops selling basic provisions - butchers (we saw 3) bakeries and small supermarkets.
Another large yacht arrived around 1800 - from New Zealand a Hunter 46 and they too came on the outside of the wall just behind us.
We have decided to stay another night before heading for the town of Khalkis where we have to negotiate a bridge opening - more of that once we've done it!