Seget Marina Trogir

Rob and Jacky Black
Mon 1 Jul 2013 11:46

43 30.9 N 16 14.1 E


Wednesday 26th - Friday 28th June

We arrived here on Wednesday after a rather ‘varied’ passage! Our departure from Uvala Luka on Brac started at 0645 but as we left the shelter of this long inlet the waves and wind force became very much stronger than we anticipated so we turned round to re-consider our options.  Following a discussion and another weather check we decided to give it another go. We motored out into what is known as the Bracski Kanal and here met with wind force 6 to 7 with gusts of between 30 and 35 at times! The seas were relatively flat considering the wind force and we made a fast westward route with some 2 knots of current helping us along. Once we had made enough northing to be off the lee shore of Brac we unfurled some jib and soon were really flying at 7+ knots. Gradually the wind eased and before long we had the whole jib unfurled and the sun was shining! By the time we were abeam of Split the engine was back on and the wind had pretty much died! Around this time we spotted a small boat that appeared to be adrift- we went to check it out and discovered it to be without any oars or painter and no-one on board. Jacky got in the water to attach a line while Rob held it with our boat hook. This done we took it in tow and shortly afterwards heard Split radio repeat a navigation warning about the same dinghy being a hazard. We called them up and told them we had it in tow and asked what we should do with it. We were then put through to the Split Harbour Master, who asked our destination and then said to take it to Trogir and he would contact the office there for someone to come and collect it. He also thanked us for our assistance. However when we arrived at the marina in Seget the office there called Trogir Harbour Master who wanted nothing to do with the boat! We decided to sort it out in the morning. It was such a weird thing though because exactly a year ago on the 26th of June we were involved in the rescue of a girl from a MOB incident in the Aegean! Later another CA member arrived and  came to introduce themselves – David and Ann Lovejoy.

The marina here is lovely – very clean with super facilities best showers I have used in the Med. there is also a swimming pool which I went in later in the afternoon. After a walk to explore the small village of Seget we decided to have supper out at a very popular Konoba. We had a delicious supper and a bottle of Grasvina wine at a most reasonable cost. By the time we got back to the boat the wind was howling (as per the forecast) so we settled down for what we thought would be a noisy night. In the event it wasn’t too bad though at one point Robert had to get up to sort out one of the halyards that had worked itself loose and was banging on the mast. On Thursday we got up later than planned and therefore decided to spend another day in the marina so Jacky could visit Trogir old town and Rob could wash down the boat to get rid of all the salt we had accumulated the day before. 

Jacky took a water taxi to the old town – it stops on the outer pontoon of the marina if you stand and flag it down and delivers you to the castle end of the old town – 15K one way. Having explored the old town and visited the Cathedral ( all very impressive) Jacky went in search of a large supermarket and the fresh fruit and veg market. Both were found and a suitable amount of shopping was procured as well as a top-up for the Croatian phone. After a coffee break she took another ferry back to the marina. In the meantime Rob spoke to the Harbour Master in Split and explained that the Trogir office had not been interested in the dinghy. It was left that someone would come for it today but no one has so when we leave tomorrow we shall just abandon it here. There is a self- service laundry in the shower section at the marina but as we only had a few things to wash we decided to do them by hand as the token for the machine was 55K. This done it was debatable as to whether we could safely hang the stuff out to dry as the westerly afternoon sea breeze turned out to be very strong – at least a F6. We decided to risk it and hung the clothes on the windward side of the boat so if something was lost it would blow on board!  It certainly didn’t take long to dry. Later in the afternoon Jacky went for a walk to find a sports bar where the tennis was being shown - but the match being covered was nothing special so she only stayed an hour. Tomorrow we are leaving for an anchorage about 8 miles to the west of here.