Hugh Town, St Mary's, Scilly islands

Mon 4 Aug 2014 21:01
Monday, 4th August
Position 49:55.113N 6:18.76W
A great day, although an inauspicious start, as we motored overnight through the shipping lanes off Lands End. Hannah slept the sleep of the just and good, and the skipper was up all hours to check the AIS and the horizon. I fell asleep twice, failing to wake in respond to the alarms, but fortunately we are still here, so presumably nothing came our way as I slumbered. Monday dawned still and cloudless, but a breeze gradually came in, and by late morning we were creaming along with the dolphins under full sail, headed for the Bishop Rock lighthouse, and with warm sunshine bathing the earphoned mate on the foredeck. It is always wonderful to see green things again after many days at sea, and Hannah was full of excitement as we rounded up the sound through the Islands and headed towards the harbour at Hugh Town. A mooring was free, ie vacant (£18.50 per night, our most expensive mooring for the entire circumnavigation!), and we were soon in town, savouring the delights: coffee, internet (the new release from Mariana's Trench, of course!) and excellent hot showers. We even had our first meal out, Hannah having been disenchanted by the carnivorous Portuguese menus in the Azores. A veggieburger for Madamoiselle, fresh island crab for me. Back on board tonight it is raining, a front is passing through, and we are very glad to be snug in here, rather than out on the Ocean still. We will make our way onwards via Penzance and Falmouth as and when, and still hope to arrive in Fowey Thursday 14th August.
R and H