Gili islands Stopover

Sat 14 Aug 2010 07:46
Position 8:24.3S 116:04.5E
Taluk Kombal, just south of the Gili Islands, Lombok.
Saturday, August 14th
Just a stones throw from Bali now, but a tricky one, with currents, tide rips and overfalls in the Selat Lombok all threatening to upset our plans to arrive there on time. I have a great chart showing how to avoid the worst of these currents by calculating the times of the moons upper and lower transits. Unfortunately I have no clue what these might be all about, and no almanac either. Times like this I wish Vicky was on the boat again, I'm sure she can calculate that sort of thing standing on her head. Other problem however is that tomorrow has to be the day, and you have to arrive at high tide, so with those constraints, I'll just forget about the rest of the problems, stick my finger in the air at 05.00 tomorrow morning, and hope for the best!!
We had a difficult final 24 hrs getting here with constant wind changes during the night, and a lot of local traffic close to the mainland, we did however manage to keep sailing until dawn, thus covering the greater part of this leg without recourse to the iron sail, and saving a lot of diesel fuel to boot.The Gilli Islands are a hedonistic location for those who tire of Bali's scene: Day trips at about 100USD, or you can arrange to stay in the many resorts. An anchorage in the Islands is described, but when we passed it at midday it was blowing through with a sudden SW land breeze, and offered no shelter. So we are tucked into the mainland, but in 25 metres, and now the midday rain has passed over it is baking hot again. Local boats, servicing the Islands, are all around us on moorings, and a pearl farm stretches over the reef to the west. It is an attractive spot, high and fairly verdant hills all around. I hope the locals will allow us to remain here in peace for just one night.!
Some usual repair work when it cools a bit towards dusk, and then batten down everything in preparation for a bumpy ride tomorrow!