Steady (fairly) as she goes.

Thu 9 May 2013 13:15
Thursday, 9th May, 2013
Position 7:48.2S 17:46.4W
Easy to see why calenders are only necessary in a developed social order. Out here it might be as well any day of the week. Hot, sunny, wind 12 to 15 kts, just holding our position on the rhumb line with the twin headsail rig, but expecting a flurry of activity (!) tomorrow, as may have to hoist the mainsail to get up to windward a bit. Boat behaving well, but I do feel sorry for the sails out there in the bright UV light for twelve hours a day.
Regulars will have noticed that I am not a good speller, and that there is no spell check in my software on this machine, so my Australian Oxford dictionary is often in use (but like so many things on a boat often hiding when you really want it). The words 'fairly' and 'reasonable' have been troubling me recently, as they have both come to mean 'average' or 'accaptable', rather than either fair in a judicial sense, or reasonable, as in a flow of logic from a premise to a conclusion. This is very sloppy, and if I become the next Prime Mnister you can be sure of new legislation, don't doubt either that it will be both fair and reasonable. Anyway my new favourite from the Aussie dictionary is 'rattle your dags' which means 'to hurry up'. If you succeed in unravelling this word, and you live life in the countryside rather than in your head, you will just love the wonderously evocative images that the term will conjure in your mind as you behold the person that you are addressing with you new favourite phrase.