If at first you don't succeed

Thu 6 Mar 2008 23:30
Seems last weeks blog, sent as an attachment, went out in some mathematical form, sorry!
Tonight is my last (fingers crossed) in Shelter Bay; tomorrow I, my 'Advisor' (a Panamanian Canal Authority Pilot), and four Panamanian line handlers set out for the Pacific. We should go through the up locks (Gatun Locks) at dusk tomorrow evening, and come down through Miraflores locks into the Pacific at 3pm local time on Saturday(around 7pm UK time) I mention this because there is a live webcam at Miraflores, it might be an extra twist to the regular edition of Casualty that goes out about that time?! Google panama canal Gatun locks live webcam, and the first entry takes you straight into the site. Generally things have gone well these last two weeks, one or two things still to fix in Panama City, where the Marina is European prices: eek!! But I shall only stay four days. This may be my last night on an internet site for a long time.