No news is good news!

Tue 30 Apr 2013 13:12
Tuesday 30 April
Position 13:51.5S 7:39.6W
Which places us 88 miles closer to Ascension Island than yesterday's noon plot, not so bad given the very light winds. We have only ground to a rolling flapping halt once, albeit at 3am. We had been reaching across a flukey easterly. I got up, brewed a cup of tea, and after an hour a little breeze sprang up from the SE. So spent a pleasant hour fixing the twin headsails to their poles, all under the guidance of a nearly full moon: no headlamp required. Now we have a fairly steady 12/13 kts and some swell to match, but if the pattern repeats for a third day it will fall light again this evening. I'm not bothering with weather forecasts: if good my glass is half full, and if the forecast is bad (no wind) then my glass is empty! Mood today improved, and am reconciled to sailing towards Trinidad, even looking forward to a stop or two: The Islands off French Guyana  (Film: Pappilion) sound nice, especailly as it is no longer a penal colony.Fernando De Noronho off Brazil seems spectacular, but reported to be expensive to visit, and a poor anchorage. But it is so 'on the way' that you have to make a detour from the straight line to miss it: so we shall see.No philosophical or literary gems to offer, brain settling into the same mode as the boat's: drifting gently!