Fishing Boat

Wed 5 Jun 2013 17:25
Wednesday, 5th June, 2013
Position 10:52.7N 57:48.0W 18.00 UT
Steady progress, some slight squalls overnight. MY ETA conflicts with daylight hours as usual, but feeling at present that I shall be able to find my way into the anchorage OK, even in the dark (and there is no moon left now). And anyway a lot can change in 200 miles, so we continue to sail at 'full' (cruising) speed.
Last night a reflection in the cabin window gave the appearance of a very bright ships light just off to starboard: this whilst I was cooking supper. I could not work out which of the interior cabin lights was causing this reflection, which I had never noticed before. So I turned off each of the cabin lights in turn, but this made no difference. Finally, I popped my head out of the companionway, and of course a very large fishing vessel, with floodlights, had suddenly materialised about a half mile off my beam. The trusty egg timer was subsequently working overtime through the night, but no further sightings, and by dawn I was so tired that I drifted off nicely, oblivious to the alarm bell! This is the first fishing boat that I have seen since the shallows off Brazil, but I suppose that we are only 200 miles from Trinidad, Venezuela etc, so I will just have to be vigilant this last little way. Although large, maybe 25 metres, she carried no radar or AIS transponder. So far as my own fishing effort is concerned, there has been none, not since I was persuaded to part with a lot of pocket money for a new reel in St Helena. Watch out for it on ebay next year, as I think that it will be 'overkill' for the little mackerel that we get back in the UK.