Getting in the zone

Thu 31 May 2012 10:57
Date Thursday, 31st May, 2012
Position 18:25.5E 17:20.7S
Strong winds blew through quickly, and now we have 20 kts plus: good passage winds, although still rather on the beam. Forecast to hold up for a couple of days, then reduce a bit, but we may be able to hold the tail of the system until Rodrigues. Losing all sense of time, which passes efortlessly (at the start of an Ocean crossing, the days pass very slowly, somehow you just settle down into it).I was going to do a long blog this afternoon, but discvovered salt water in the computer locker. So have been trailing water all afternoon, finding new puddles in unexpected places, with spare parts etc stting in the water going quickly rusty. So now lots of empty lockers, stuff piled up in the middle of the boat, and all quite difficult in a seaway! Frustration is that I still havn't found out where it is coming from, but late afternoon now, so too dark to see properly, and will have yet another go tomorrow. Mercifully, for rummaging in the cabin, it has become noticeably cooler. Soon I may have to start wearing clothes! Well, at least the computer is still working, and a little warm up will perhaps dissipate some of the damp in its elderly connections. Outside on deck, the sails and windvane are doing a great job, touching wood as I speak! Saw one big ship last night, the first for several days. News from home is that Hannah's exams are nearly over: great!  Pierre wants to know what dodgers and stugeron are. Dodgers are bits of canvas around the cockpit to keep the spray of the faces of delicate Englishmen. Stugeron is cinnarizine: to stop delicate Englishmen being sea sick.