we are sailing (for the weather girls)

Mon 4 Dec 2006 12:56
Monday 4th Dec.
Noon Position: 19.25N, 28.13W
24 hour run: 144n.miles!!
Estimated position, noon tuesday, 5th Dec:20N, 30W
Hi everyone, but a special mention today for the Weather Girls: Carol and Heather Fisher. They have been sending our daily back up text forecasts, and so far these have been slightly more accurate on the ground (I mean sea!) than the Official Arc Forecast. Every third day we allow ourselvs the luxury of a Grib file forecast as well, and as todays the day, the navigator will have plenty of data this afternoon, even if no information!!
As you can see we, like the rest of the fleet, are making excellent progress at present, and as things stand we should get there in time for Goeff to come back, if you see what I mean.
The downside to good progress is that it is somewhat monotonous: the sails require little trimming, and it always looks the same outside, the sun by day, and a fabulous full moon last night, which kept the lights on for pretty well 24 hours. In another week the nights will be dark, which will make nocturnal squalls more difficult to spot, so we experts are being told!! The seas look big to Geoff and me, and it is very difficult to estimate wave height. We think about 15 feet, anyway Fleck doesn't seem to mind, and rises to them without any problem, althought sometimes with a shake of her tail which is sufficient to throw our supper all over the cockpit. This is why we eat there, it creates less mess.We are like a couple of three year olds, and could befefit from those plastic bibs that clip under your chin and collect the debris. Unlike most three ears olds we are prone to outbursts of foul language at each spillage: how's that for an attractive immage, dear wives?!
Only one very small flying fish on deck this morning, by the time we find them they are rather dried out and not terribly good subjects for photography. Now I know what to look for I can spot them flying through the waves.
We have been listening to some of the others on shortwave- some from the adjacent pontoon in Las Palmas were having a pub quiz last night - obviously not too concerned or rolling around.  Also heard of others with problems, one yacht ahead was dismasted while another one, too far behind for us to help, sent out a mayday for medical evacuation.  Hope everything is okay today