San Cristobal, Galapagos

Tue 25 Mar 2008 21:47
Tuesday, 25th March
Location 0:54S 89:37W
Arrived safely two days ago, and have been through the usual officialdom.
Very hot and insecty here, but interesting as well. The first feature of note were the sealions. They are everywhere, and get on and into everything. For example any dinghy left at the dinghy dock. So everyone has to use the local watertaxi service, and at 25cents a trip this is not so bad. The sealions bask on the town quay, and marine iguanas are also common on the waterfront.
There are about 15 yachts anchored here, all headed soon accross the pacific, several with young families aboard. Quite a mix of Nationalities as well: German, Swedish, another British boat, and of course our American Cousins. Bad news is that Equador has changed the Galapaogos cruising regulations again, and for the worse: having arrived here in San Cristobal I can stay for 21 days, but can go to no other Port. I knew that we would not be alowed to visit the sensitive ecology sites, but was hoping to see something of the other Islands. Ah well! If I can't move around will probably move away from the Islands sooner rather than later, but may try to fit in a few more excursions from here if possible.
Good news is that Olivia made it from Ecuador and has taken up squatters rights in the forepeak. Her backpack and sundry items fill the saloon! She is cook today, and tomorrow we are off on a sea tour to swim with the sharks. We are promised some boobies later in the week, but have not worked out how to fit everything in yet. Lazy hot afternoon waiting for the Port Captain to come and see us (?what for, Spanish remains double dutch to me, and OMDB not completely fluent yet, but a big help always to have two poeple floundering!
So, to celebrate her arrival, she is now a guest on the program! -
Hello All!!! I feel very honoured to be writing on the blog. This is my first time on fleck- in fact its my first time seeing it, dont know wat i was doing three years ago!!! Well its very very hot here (just to rub it in as i understand its snowing again at home!) but its a shock for me as well cuz having come down from the andes were altitude means its actually quite cool! havnt been alot of help yet as ive just been getting my sea legs but hopefully tonight im cooking a stir fry. Galapagos are fantastic and all is going very well! think that says it all for now! love love Lxxx
Well, this is the first of many guest slots to be filled this summer, looking forward to the fibs the others will think up as they adjust to life on board!! Bad news for Olivia is that she may not get to sail at all this week, but she comes again in August, when there is a real trip to be undertaken.
Love to my darling wife and daughters, and to any other faithful who may tune in from time to time.