30th November update

Thu 30 Nov 2006 12:43
Hello everyone,
No entry on our site yesterday as we wrote seperately to the WAG'S (world cup jargon)
Everything is going well here, although there is not very much wind today, it is however gloriously warm and sunny.
Noon position: 23.08N, 20.29W
This puts us at our first waypoint: the point at which we intended to turn due west for the Carribean. However that way just now seems to have very light winds indeed, and we may go a little further south still. The master tactician is in the cockpit as I write, getting the positions of surrounding boats with SSB radios. Later we will also download the fleet positions, the weather forecasts (ARC official, Kinver version!, and a grib file from mailasail), and decide what to do. However as we are more or less becalmed at present it doesn't really matter which direction we point the boat!!
We are both on our advanced domestic training course, and will return perfect househusbands, although with a very minimasist approach. Our towed generator produces enough electricity to power a 60 watt light bulb, so long as the boat is moving at a fair speed. With this we have to power our navigation light (an LED, thank goodness) this computer, our watermaker, and whenever there is anything left over, the fridge. As it is dark for 12 hours a day we also have to power up the halogen cabin lights.On days when there is no wind, and therfore no speed, we have to run the engine to get a big dollop of amps to put in our batteries from the engines alternator. So far all of this has worked out more or less as I had intended, and if our watermaker keeps going, we should have enough water to wash ourselves and some clothes: this latter activity consumes a lot of water that I hadn't really factored in.
Sorry for the technical stuff. Yesterday we made some great bread, will find out in an hour what the remains taste like 24 hrs later!
You would be correct to assume that at this stage we have seen no exciting animals, neither have we caught any fish. You will be the first to hear however!!
Richard and Geoff