Deaf rolls

Sun 15 Jun 2014 15:56
Sunday 15th June
Position 34:15.7N 61:45.2W
There is a spectacular laser dinghy capsize preceeded by a roll to windward: a death roll. We have rolls out here today, but also a keel, so we keep coming up the right way! A bit bumpy in my berth, though, as I rock from side to side, and so it was that I discovered that I can only hear the AIS alarm with my left ear. Given that I use my phone in my right hand this explains quite a lot of recently misheard / hard to hear conversations. For several years I have had problems with my right eustachion tube blocking up, so maybe that's what has done the damage. Curiously my brother has had exactly the same trouble. A few years ago my brother and sister and I all got tennis elbows at the same time. I've phoned my sister to see how her hearing is, but she doesn't seem to pick the phone up these days....
Have just finished my novel, 'Snow', really good to the last melting drop. Too rough for the keyboard, so I've turned the computer on to get a weather forecast to give me something else to worry about! Yesterday small whales, or maybe just big dolphins; they were some distance off. Today the alarm was for a medium cargo ship, passed three miles to port. Otherwise all quiet, all well.