29 November 06

Wed 29 Nov 2006 13:25
Hi everyone
Position at noon today: 24.26N, 19.09W
A good days run, especially as I have not had to touch the sails once: with our rather Heath Robinson twin foresail rig, and the mainsail stowed safely away Fleck sails herelf through a variety of windstrengths, dead downwind. We are both well today, still a little tired: I have just had an 11.00 snooze whilst our watermaker has made its first 4 litres of hopefully fresh water.
Our website (http:/blog.mailasail.com/fleck) is provided by our Service provider, Mailasail. So you won't find any daily messages from us on the Worldcruising website, just our daily position which I hope we are sending corretly to them. It would help us to know if you have both been able to access our Mailasail site above (short email confirmation please), and that this is the site address that you will send to friends relatives and work colleagues. We did it this way as we didn't want outsiders such as journalists looking at our stuff. The only thing we are sending to worldcruising.net is our daily position: this seems to be going off correctly, so I hope our position, such as it is, will soon start to appear on their map. We don't get to see this, as it is too much for the Iridium connection. Geoff picks up some positions by listening over his short wave radio.
Today we have therefore writen primarily to Heather and Conny, sending a copy to the blog diary address. Unless there are personal mesages the next message will be to the blogsite.
Love from
Richard and Geoff