The balance of life

Wed 30 Jul 2014 12:48
Wednesday July 30th 2014
Position 45:58.4N 17:11.6W
A cursory glance at the progress map will show that we continue to make excellent progress towards Europe. This is a big place however, and if you superimpose a map of current and projected winds you will see why my glass today is half empty. Despite sailing as close to the wind as we can manage, we are being sucked inexorably into the Bay of Biscay. I have spent ages trying to persuade this craft to sail just a little closer to the wind, but no, 75 degrees off is all that I can manage. This means that to make progress to windward we shall have to sail about 5 miles 'sideways', in a series of zig zags, to move forward one mile. Or put another way, five days sailing to accomplish what would normally take just 24 hours. This is not welcome, so I am putting off the 'moment critique' for as long as possible, and starting to look into the possibility of spending the late summer in the Bordeaux region. There is wine there, is there not?
This has started to overwhelm my brain's pleasure centre, so the better weather today, the fact that I have started a new packet of white chocolate biscuits, the daughter with at last sleek shiney hair (minus those strands which are not blocking the sink drain), are failing to make a rational impact on my sense of well being. I have even failed to bother to make bread, so stale stuff for lunch again. Teachers report? Must do better tomorrow!
Thanks to Conny and Geoff for emails. Black mark to Conny who yet again forgets that photos and attachements screw up the email system, and anyway don't get through!
Hannah has read this and sighed: her good news suggestions for the newsletter are 1) we are in fact pointing a little further north than earlier in the day. 2) as an alternative to stale bread we can have baked beans for lunch! 3) the skipper no longer has to worry about the crews state of mind! That, as Geoff knows only too well, is a principle crews duty on Fleck: keep the skipper in the groove!