Google map update only

Sat 18 Sep 2010 00:25
Postion 01:11.015N 104:05.845E
Have been reading my own blog, to increase the no. of hits, and noticed that my last lot of position points were submitted in the wrong order: the server doesn't seem able to read them backwards. So, this email to the site should put a pin on Nonsga Point. Will write again from Singapore, as there is no particular news from here. Generally very hot for a day, then a thunderstorm builds up, which clears the air very slightly.I've reduced the jobs list quite a bit, but need chandlery/Yanmar Engineer: Singapore. Have got out my keyboard, very rusty, but soon comes back. The Chinese wonderkind pianist Lang Lang (or is it Lau Lau?) plays in Singapore whilst I am there, but tickets sold out months ago. Classical music very popular, with a Singapore version of classic FM, and a high profile Singapore Symphony Orchestra. They tour to london's South Bank at the end of October, I am trying to get a ticket for a performance here before they leave. The range is eclectic, strongly influenced by Singapore's population mix, and with an unaccountable, to English ears, leaning towards North American 20th Century stuff. Dear me, whatever happened to Europe!
An extremely nice Australian here told me that he 'drove' up from Lombok about the same time as me, but his autopilot failed after a day, forcing him to hand steer for seven continuous days, without sleep. We sailors are worse than fishermen with our tales, but there is no doubt that his autopilot isn't working, so he did well, however he managed.