Things can only get better!

Wed 16 Apr 2008 21:32
16 april, Noon
Position 02:44S 92:34W
Third day at sea, but only 140 miles covered, including 50 under the engine: no wind out here!!
Last night especially trying, uterly becalmed, rolly sea. Then first thing heavy rain, and the wind went round 360 degrees in a couple of hours, so after initial progress I found myself back where I started at dawn.
The forecast is not so bad, but I don't quite believe them anymore.
A tad depressed and chilly from the cold rain earlier, but a sunny day, and for the most part the gentle chuckle of a small bow wave indicated gentle progress. A colourful one metre dorade swam alongside the boat for an hour earlier. My fellow 'sailors' have been using their fuel in the hope that this will get them down to the trade winds sooner: when the wind dies tonight I will follow their impure example!!
My friend Douwe has reached the Marquesas, so it is possible!!