Masthead revisited

Mon 1 Apr 2013 10:55
Easter Monday, April 1st 2013
Position    22:54S 4:34E
Rather gentle winds this morning, but just enough to fill the sails, so no grumbles, and the sea fairly flat: so the computer isn't sliding about, jusy my backside on this athwartships bench seat!
Yesterday morning it was still rough and throughout the night there was a clattering from the masthead as the Sea-me radar detector continued its divorce proceedings from its broken mount. By morning all the metal had fractured leaving the device itself suspended from the masthead by just its electric cable: swinging about drunkenly, and clanging against the mast intermittently. Quickly the copper wires within the cable parted, giving a tell tale message on the control unit troubleshooter algorithm down below. I decided to have a final go up the mast, and to cut a long and rather frighteneing story short, I cut the wire and retrieved the antenna. It costs £600. Now if you have had time yet to read my recommended book 'Thinking Fast and Slow' this is an obvious case of flawed system one thinking, because we humans are generally risk and loss averse. £600 in an envelope glued to the masthead would never have tempted me up there, risking my life!
But it is more than a matter of simple finance, because I have now rewired the antenna and rigged it up in the cockpit on the top of an 8ft aluminium pole. The troubleshooter algorithm indicates that it is working fine, but I can't ultimately test it until we run into another ship, and I have seen nothing visually, or on the AIS, for several days. Anyway the presence of a nice errect antenna is comforting in my old age, until then every moment spent down below had been filled with anxiety. Last night I rewarded myself with an alarm free sleep period, so listened to the slatting sails in the dying winds as we rolled about!
Well Christ may or may not have risen yesterday, but my bread certainly did, and although Singapore white bread flour may not appeal to every Europeans' taste buds, out here WYSIATI ( Hey, you still not read that book yet? 'what you see is all there is') Pigged myself on huge doorstep slices as reward for bravery/complete foolhardyness.
Plenty of fresh food to last until St Helena, but it will then be interresting to find out what if any further provisions may be available there.
This morning I have finished Allan Hollinghursts 'Line of Beauty'. Exquisite writing, page after page where virtually every sentence is a gem in itself.
As no one is at work today there is nothing I can do to chase the spare mast parts, so it will be a case of choose another book, sit back and let the solar panel charge the batteries.