On our way!

Thu 24 Jul 2014 12:37
24th July, 2014
Position 39:21.7N 27:40.7W
We left Horta at 6pm yesterday, after a very enjoyable, but for Hannah brief, stay on the Island. Some moderately favourable weather seemed to be on the way, and we thought it best to take advantage of this. Agreat day on Tuesday saw us cycling off the top of the extinct Volcano on Faial, down tracks to the coast, and then around the Island back to Horta. The bikes were taken up the mountin for us in a truck. A girly thing to do, but I like it! Monday we went swimming: for about 5 mins, having spent the remainder of the day buying and exchanging swim suits, more girly stuff, or what!
So far the wind is behaving fairly well, and we have covered about 70 miles, passing two large Islands (ie not colliding with them) during the night. Now the last of them is dipping below the horizon, and it will be blue/blue/grey now until we reach Europe. Our vegetarian cooking skills not yet tested, as we feasted on reheated take away pizzas last night. Already we have discovered that we have far too few packets of biscuits! Hannah has her school work, but now regrets bringing it, and no fun reading besides. At least she (we!) has her music in the i phone.