A little smoother now!

Mon 12 Nov 2012 09:02
Monday, 13th November, 2012
Position 25:17S 51:52E
A rather wild night, but more settled this morning. Had our first green one though the companionway last night, just as Geoff was feeling well enough to sit up and eat an apple! Just rather damp in retrospect, but I always get sad when salt gets down below: it's that permanently damp feeling! We are heavily reefed to try to make the boat more comfortable, and also to ease the stresses on the rigging. Even so managing 5.5 kts, and surfing at 7.5 kts, which is very satisfactory. We are approaching the tip of Madagascar, but will stay well off as it is believed to be rough there, then straighten up for the run in to Durban, or Richards Bay (80 miles to the north) if a front blows us backwards. Easy or what. I guess we are both a bit nervous, but live in the moment, and so far Fleck has behaved very well.