14th Dec 2006 Keep on Running (Dave Clarke Five)

Thu 14 Dec 2006 13:20
Noon position: 15.43N, 48.41W
24 hours distance made good: 85 n miles
Distance travelled last 24 hours: 96 n miles
Distance to go 719 n miles
Estimated noon position tomorrow: it's anyones guess but hopefully beyond 50 W
Revised ETA 20th at 0600 hrs
What this means is that it has been another day of very light winds, and especially yesterday evening it was coming from all sorts of directions, thus we were not always able to sail a straight line course (and nothing to do with Geoff's Bombay Sapphire). We also motored for two hours yesterday afternoon when the wind was really non-existant. In fact we have made quite good progress, partly due to a favourable current, but obviously need a bit more wind over the next day or two to meet our various deadlines. ( Carol, could you please help with contigency planning ie check to see if there are any other flights out if I miss my direct VS32 flight out on the 22nd - could I fly indirectly via anywhere?  Suspect the answer is 'no' but would appreciate your confirmation if I get stuck. Thanks.) With these quiet conditions there has been little drama on board.
Running is our sail setting: all our sails are hoisted, and spread before the wind which blows from behind. When the stronger winds set in we will lower the mainsail, and use just the two foresails. We havn't used the spinnaker as we can't use this when the wind is directly behind, and the sail requires a lot of attention, and is risky to leave up overnight. While wishing for more wind, I can't say the same for wanting the rock'n'roll back again. 
Generally nothing extra to do therefore, but there's plenty of food and drink, and we've turned a few pages (though no CME points from our books!) and tuned into the radio. Gather the Ipswich police want to interview men with surgical skills who drive BMWs.  Is Fleck's logbook a sound enough alibi?
Richard and Geoff.