Cast your fate to the wind, 11th Dec 2006

Mon 11 Dec 2006 13:25
Noon position: 16,08N, 44,26W
24 hour run 135 nautical miles
Distance to finish 967 nautical miles
ETA at present speed: 18th Dec, 20.00 hours
Good numbers, but they havn't heard the weather forecast!!
Cast your fate to the wind was possibly by a group caled Sounds Orchestral? This will mean nothing in Bromsgrove, so we are relying on Broadstairs for confirmation! (What you need to know is that Heather & Carol are the 'weather girls' and all of their forecasts come with a song title- there is  logic to all this!)  An alternative is 'three wheels on our wagon' yes - we are still rolling.
We considered Free Willie, and Mobey Dick as titles,as Geoff spotted one or several large whales yesterday afternoon. Titles rejected however for fear if ineundo. Whales magnificent: about 20 feet long and with a big splash of white on their flanks. There was either a procession of three, or the same whale circled the boat three time. A tremendous sight, such powerful creatures. Can Hannah identify this for us: ?killer whale has a white patch, do any of the others.
On the fishing front I had two bites yesterday, once the line broke, and on the other occasion the fish wriggled off. So you can immagine that the line went out first thing this morning, but nothing so far.
Our GRIB files confirm all the other forecasts that there will be very light winds tomorrow; the question is, for how long? We all know that Dave Perks, Geoffs 'chief' can make peace, and probably rain. The question is can he make wind? If he can't he's going to find himself on call on Christmas day!!
Life on board is really very pleasant, our watermaker gives us enough water for a shower each each day, the water heats up in a black plastic bag on deck: really hot if it's sunny. Shower in the cockpit, one at a time!! This makes all the difference to quality of life. We have overstocked on food and the forecabin looks like a drop off point for the annual harvest festival collection at the kids' primary schools!  All the goodies, like chocolate biscuits have been 'removed' ages ago!