Out of the bucket

Tue 13 Nov 2012 10:11
Date: Tuesday, 13th November, 13.00
Position 26:35.4S 49:43.8E
Somehow I have lost a day? Maybe we left on Friday the 8th November, but thought it the ninth. Anyway we have been at sea for ages, probably four days! Much calmer these last 36 hours, and Geoff up and about now, waiting for the next blow! We are making rather sedate progress in about ten kts of wind, and today it is bright sunshine: good for our electricity generation, but not for sunburn! Geoff is at last eating again, if only nuts, whereas I have been eating for two for a couple of days. Seas fairly empty as usual, but our 'Seeme' detector is faithfully picking up big shipping at regular intervals, sometimes we see this stuff, sometimes it stays below our horizon. Last night one ship passed very close by: you hear no sound at all, the _expression_ 'ships that pass in the night' is remarkably apposite. Apart from a little sail trimming there is little to do, I am reading 'Room' about an incarcerated mother and son, actually not so bad. Poor Geoff still not able to dip into his New Scientist yet, and my Economist was hit by the sea water deluge of two days ago: a real black swan event, obliterating the economy from our little ship for the next couple of weeks. Our French friends have been to the tip of Madagascar, and are leaving there just now so we shall be fairly close together for a few days, until they forge ahead, they intend to go to Richards Bay, we are headed further south, if the weather is kind.
Message from the crew; birthday greetings to the senior weather girl and hope Instanbul was up to expectations. Interesting isogonals down here, the compass points off by over 20 degrees which is quite noticable since we steer to true north on our chart but the yacht's steering compass is magnetic.
Message from the captain: goodness, what's an isogonal?
All the best to all.
R and G