Five Bays, eight boats.

Mon 22 Oct 2007 01:16
We arrived safely at the 'five bays' only 24 hours ago, after a very trying sail/motorsail down the coast and overnight from Cabo de Vella. There was very little wind, which should have made for calm progress, however there were constant thunderstorms during the night, which alarmed us somewhat. Most of the lightning was cloud to cloud (I have read my Cloudspotters Guide) but some dramatic spikes to ground (the sea!) as well.I refixed my lightningmaster anti strike device in Curacao, but it has been badly erroded by the pollution from the refinery: it is made of stainless steel fine wires, but they are clearly not the best grade: or else the pollution was really noxious, in which case the rigging will fall down next along with the mast!! Anyway, we survived.
The five bays are very pretty inlets on a mountainous coastline close to the town of Santa Marta. They should look good on Google. We are in the one of the middle ones, it is the longest and narrowest, therefore provides the most shelter. There is a small village, and we went to eat there this afternoon. We wanted to go this evening, but of course there is no electricity, so all the cooking has to be done before nightfall. Very good grilled fish, with rice and green bannana fritters as the veg. Rather basic presentation however: plastic embossed plates, the design of which was highlighted by the ingrained dirt. We were each given a newish looking disposable plastic fork to eat with, not up to the task, so fingers instead! The area is part of a National Park, and we have met other tourists, all Colombian, of course. Not far inland there is snow on the mountains. After my swim this evening we have had another spectacular lightning show, and I have a couple of photos.
Not that far to Cartagena now, may be there this time next week, Colombia has been a really good idea, so far!!
Eight boats? Thats how many there are in the bays today, Mostly American, one Canadian, one Dutchman, plus us