Some like it hot

Sat 17 Nov 2012 09:10
Saturday 17th November, 12.30
Position 29:36S 42:50E
Overnight very light winds, and this morning we have abandoned our sails, giving them a well earned rest under the U/V covers from the currently hot sunshine, whilst we give the engine a spin. I realigned the propellor shaft with the engine whilst we were in Reunion, with initallly bad results: everything vibrating a great deal, however with use things seem to be settling back to normal: reassuring! The engine means that we are going in the right direction at a reasonable speed, that we are getting the batteries fully charged up after a cloudy few days, and we are able to use the spare electricity from the engine alternator to make water. The dear old watermaker continues to churn out his little trickle of water, even after his regular six month hibernations, though I do have to look after him with various chemicals. Extra water is not really necessary, I think we have enough for this trip in our various stores, but we can indulge ourselves a bit, by washing our persons and clothes. I have a photo of Geoffs smalls all flapping in the breeze: available now to the highest bidder. Weather, now that we are out of the tropics is still generally warm, but the temperature drops like a stone in the late afternoon, and at night the cockpit requires plenty of warm clothes.
A problem last night with our red pesto sauce: turned out on closer inspection, and after the event, to have been red chilli sauce. Hope the dolphins (a pod of at least 15 last night) enjoyed it, our stomachs were still on fire this morning. We are running out of our favourite things, and accusing each other of failing to buy enough chocolate biscuits, but generally crew getting on very well. Health wise Geoff looks recognisably himself today, and I removed the stiches from my thumb, as the nice blue polycotton sewing thread was starting to make the stitch holes quite angry. Glad to say it was much more comfortable straight away, and I just hope I don't clout it on anything to open it up over the next few days.
We are expecting some stronger winds shortly, I hope that they will at least push us in the right direction. We will pick up today's forecast as we send out this blog, so will close now and press 'send and receive' on my little dialogue box. It was nice to hear from Conny that all is well at home, normal in the UK, and another four years of Obama in the US.