Sat 2 Aug 2014 12:36
Saturday, 2nd August 2014
Position 49:20N 12:11.8W
As in we had a right pounding last night. Squalls of 20-25 knots all through the night, and beating all the time. When we sail into the oncoming waves, our hull form is designed to slice through them like a knife through butter. But no, more like being a tennis ball landing on Andy Murray's tennis raquet! The whole boat shivers from each impact, and my clothes locker, which forms part of the boats internal load bearing structure, creaks behind my head, as it tries to tear itself away from its bonding to the hull side. We don't like to do sail changing at night, so for most of the time we were either wallowing (too little sail) or being slammed (too much sail). Plus there is suddenly lots of traffic around, as we near the Western Approaches to the Channel. All in all a sleepless night for the skipper, who endured the additional ire of watching the mate sleep soundly through it all. But come-uppance was at hand, and at 06.00 a green one found its way down the coachroof hatch into the mate's bunk. Good sport was had by all, but after we had cleared up she was off to sleep again, and has only now come to, awaken I believe by the yeast in the air from today's baking.
On the plus side we are making very good progress, and begining to firm up our intentions: it looks like the Scillies rather than France, and we are headed for the iconic Bishops Rock lighthouse.  Not quite sure about the Customs position, I don't think that St Marys is a port of entry, but neither do I know if we need to check in with Customs, having already entered the EU.
We hope that your lunch smells as delicious as ours!
R and H