Tuesday 19th Dec 2006: This could be the last time.

Tue 19 Dec 2006 13:52
Noon position: 14,56 N, 58,51 W.
24 hours distance made good 107 n miles
Distance to go: 130 n miles
Morning all,
Everything on track here for touchdown tomorrow morning, hopefully between breakfast and lunch.That is a little early in the day for rum punch, but just this once perhaps that will be OK!
Today is a real typical trade wind day: up to 20 kts breeze, steep following seas, and complete cloud cover, beneath which it feels very humid. All systems are go, just finishing our last water maker run, after which it will be 'sterilised', and given a well earned rest. We were passed by a large catamaran yesterday, the crew sailed quite close to us but wouldn't respond to our greeting wave: we are really paranoid about BO now!!
If sufficiently sober we will send a last message after docking tomorrow.
Richard and Geoff.