Colombian Indians

Fri 19 Oct 2007 16:29
Yes, they really are, just like the photos in the National geographic: the men are westernised, but out here in the sticks the women wear traditional long coloured dresses, and black face paint. This is a remote corner of Colombia, I think. Excellent time, just time for a I am quite safe message as we ae off in a few minutes for an overnight sail to the next sheltered bay. If you can navigate our next stop is N11 21.06, W74 06.8: about 120 miles from this bay, in the lee of Cabo de Vella. Weather continues to be fair winds, touch wood.
Try Douwe's website: go to This is his company address. Look inside for 'Weltreis' or somesuch dutch for worldtrip. He says there are some up to date photos.His daughters do the editing. I can't go to it myself, hope there is nothing rude about me!!