13thDec06 I'm going slightly mad....

Wed 13 Dec 2006 13:41
Thanks again to Vicky for the juicier bits from the main ARC website.  We had 'heard' the SOS call about man overboard but didn't know that he had sucessfully been recovered, nor that he had in fact jumped over.  When we heard the poor chap was from Belgium, we tried very hard to think of other famous Belgians and why he might have become so distressed.  It might just have been the infernal rolling, although with the gentle breezes of the last 24 hrs, we have swung onto a reach and the rolling has stopped at last.  Bliss.  Could have been a deficiency state of some sort,  because not many people realise that a lack of contact with reality is a common sign without daily vitamin G.  Traditionally, sailors jumped overboard holding a cannonball, so he must have been swimming to have survived.  Where to? The Golden Boot in the Gran' Place or to the nearest Leonidas shop? Ostende??  In all seriousness, it was a miracle really that he was ever found, at night, and in those waves - a very well done to all involved.  Neptune must like Tripel but not planning on sharing any with him because we shouldn't be crossing the equator....
Noon position 15 deg 34 N, 47 deg 13 W.  Day's run 86 miles, but only 73 miles nearer after straightening out the meanderings, so our latest ETA is 2000 hrs on the 19th.  This is getting uncomfortably close to my own deadline - the last Virgin flight out before Xmas.  We are trying to find our way through a 'hole' in the trade wind pattern, but today looks like being very quiet again. R has repaired his tackle* and is off hunting again.  I'll finish my heavy book and start on something lighter - I am on holiday after all!
And there you have it.
Geoff and Richard
* fishing tackle